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Blog Author: Alicia



About Alicia:

Alicia is a 29 year old mom of two young boys, Jacob and Lucas. Her family lives in the suburbs of Chicago where they enjoy experiencing all the great family activities that the area has to offer.

Alicia is currently a work-at-home mom as part of the social media team for cbSocially, a division of Collective Bias.

About The Blog:

“Making Time For Mommy” is Alicia’s personal blog that was started in 2008 when her oldest son was only a few months old. Here she writes about being a mom of (almost) “irish twins” with special needs (Autism & Sensory Processing Disorder), finding a work-life balance, and her pursuit of “mommy time” and reaching her goals in life. She also does product reviews and hosts giveaways. was re-established in December 2009. New posts are created at least 10 times a week.

Blog Statistics:

  • Alexa Ranking of 138,521
  • 168,000 Monthly Page Views (June 2012)
  • Google Page Rank- 3
  • SEO MOZ Rank of 4/10

Reader Demographics:

According to a poll taken in June 2010:

  • 95% are women
  • Over 90% are between the ages of 20 and 40
  • Almost 85% have at least one child (over 55% have two or more children)

Social Media Footprint:

Alicia can be found on most social networking sites but is the most active on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Meetup. She uses StumbleUpon and also uses Foursquare and Tumblr.

With over 8,488 followers  Alicia uses Twitter for both personal, blogging, and business purposes. Her Klout score is 55.

On Facebook Alicia stays in contact with about 330 friends and family members and has over 8,901 “likes” on her blog’s page.

Real Life Connections has been a wonderful source of friendships and networking for Alicia. She is in four different local moms groups, and is an organizer of one, where combined she connects with over 600 local women through the use of message boards, playdates, family events, and mom’s night outs. She also shares products and local opportunities with these moms.

Alicia is involved in her local Church’s Women’s Ministry and Mom’s Bible Study. She also connects daily with Social Media Moms and other Chicago bloggers through participation in online groups.

Collective Bias- Advisory Committee

Alicia is a proud member of Collective Bias. Collective Bias “facilitates the creation of real shopper media by connecting groups of social media influencers to the brands and retailers they use in their daily lives. Our Social Fabric™ community drives conversations on a wide variety of social media platforms in order to build consumer engagement and brand loyalty that ultimately lead to sales conversion.”

As a member of the Advisory Committee, Alicia is part of a small group whose mission is to grow the Social Fabric community.

Through Collective Bias, Alicia has worked on campaigns with many brands including:

Clear American, Colgate, ConAgra Foods, Dayspring, Elmer’s, Fandango, General Mills, Hershey’s, MARS Chocolates, MurphyUSA, Ore-Ida, Pedialyte, Seagate, Sears, The UPS Store, Truvia, Tyson

As a campaign lead she has managed campaigns for Collective Bias with:


Brand Affiliations (Past and Present):

Carmex Blog Squad

Claritin Mom Squad

Eucerin Ambassador

George Foreman Ambassador

Gorton’s Blogger

KidGrade Ambassador

Kolcraft Mom

Purex Insider

Saline Ambassador

Trend Micro Digital Joneses Family

VeggieTales Mommy Blogger

Brands that Alicia has promoted include:

See list of some products reviewed here (by category)

Panels That Alicia Has Been A Contributor To:

  • Twitter Chat with Wells Fargo: “Busy Woman’s Guide to Mobile Banking” (#WFCMobile) (July 13, 2010)
  • Twitter Chat with and “Preparing for BlogHer” (#BECBreakfast) (July 26, 2010)

Other Online Writing:

Also Find Me Featured On:

Networks Alicia Is Part Of (As A Blogger):

Find the list here

Reviews and Giveaways:

Promoting your products on Making Time For Mommy through a review is free and the review stays on the site for the lifetime of the website. That means the link to your site and products will be online for years. Since the promotion is free, the ROI is undeniable. When you advertise in print, you gamble that your ad reaches the right person at the right time. After a day the paper is old news and after a month the magazine is no longer current. With a blog promotion there is no doubt you are reaching the right person (if your target demographic is women).

I will review products, sites, and services that relate to my family or my audience. My household consists of: one toddler boy, one preschool aged boy, one 20-something woman, and one 20-something man.. I have a network of other moms and families that review products as well so please feel free to email me about the product and what specific demographic you are looking for and I will work with you to coordinate a review.

I will not post a review of a product that I or a family member/friend have not tried. Press releases, information, and pictures may be sent via email but a product must be sent for review as well. All review items are nonreturnable.

All reviews will include at least one link to the product’s website and at least one picture. Often the post will contain more than one of each. All reviews are permanent and can be found via the search feature on my site.

Reviews are done on a first come, first serve basis. Review posts are usually completed within two to six weeks, depending on my schedule and how many reviews I have at the time, unless a prior deadline has been arranged. I will send a link to the review if one is requested.

I prefer to offer a giveaway along with my product review. The giveaway will be promoted on various social networking sites and a winner will be selected using All giveaways must be free to enter and I usually provide a variety of ways for my readers to enter my giveaways. I prefer all products be shipped to the giveaway winners by the company itself.

Website Reviews:

I will review family friendly websites for $30.

Other Promotional Opportunities:

I am open to all sorts of public relations opportunities and have become quite skilled at helping to publicize products and services that I believe in. I am available to cover local, Chicago and suburban Chicago, events and other national events (if provided compensation for travel).

Advertising on

  • 125X125 Ad spaces (above-the-fold) are available on the sidebar of my blog for $30/month or one year for $300.
  • Text link Ad spaces (above-the-fold) are available on the sidebar of my blog for $20/month or one year for $200.
  • A text link in post footer is available for $10 per post or $40 for 5 posts.

*All advertisements are subject to approval and must be family friendly. Payment needs to be received via paypal ( before I will place any ads on my site. There are no refunds on ads.

Sponsorship for Conferences:

I attended BlogHer in August 2010 and Type A Parent in June 2011 and would love to attend other blogging conferences as well. Some ways that I could work with and promote your companies include:

  • Social media consulting
  • One year above-the-fold 125×125 sized ad
  • Posts with links back to your website (one before, one during, and one after each conference)
  • Youtube videos talking about your product
  • Your company/product’s information on the reverse side of my business card handed out at conferences
  • Tweet about your company
  • Links and status updates from my Facebook account (both personal page and fan page)
  • One home party hosted by me demonstrating/talking about your brand with your target demographic and I can hand out samples if you would like to provide them.
  • One item with your logo will be worn during both conferences.
  • Product review and giveaways on my blog
  • Live Twitter updates from each conference featuring links to your online content.

If this sounds like something that may benefit you, please contact me at . I am open to hearing your ideas and can customize a package to fit your needs. I was sponsored by New Blog Hosting to Type A Parent and he said that it was “the best decision” he’s made “all century” (his words, not mine)!