Tot School: Pumpkins


Craft- Family Pumpkin Patch

Song- The Pumpkin Song

Activity- Play with pumpkin playdough


Craft- Paper Bag Pumpkin

Song- Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Activity- Carve a pumpkin


Craft- Paper plate Jack O Lantern

Song- Pumpkin Song

Activity- Family outing to the Pumpkin Patch


Craft- Paint a pumpkin

Song- Five Little Pumpkins

Activity- Make pumpkin pancakes as a family


Craft- Pumpkin Collage

Song- Five Pumpkins Fat and Round

Activity- Roast pumpkin seeds

Top 10 Tuesday: The Pumpkin Patch

Lucas liked the little pumpkins and tried to eat them because he thought they were apples.

Camden and Madelyn taking a ride in the wagon

Jacob pulling Lucas

Camden enjoyed his doughnut.

Lucas and Madelyn sitting in the pumpkins.

Jacob looking for the perfect pumpkin.

Some of the pumpkins were almost as big as Lucas!

Jacob and Lucas with mommy.

Lucas trying to get all of the pumpkins.

Madelyn playing in the pumpkins.


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Top Ten Tuesday: Pumpkin Picking

This weekend we went to the pumpkin patch. Here are my ten favorite pictures:


In search of the perfect pumpkin...



Jake finds one but it's a little too big...



Jacob finds a bad pumpkin.



Sitting on a pumpkin



Lucas tries to lift up a pumpkin



Jacob finds another pumpkin but it's still too big.



The pumpkins were bigger than Lucas!



Perfect sized pumpkins for little boys :)



Jacob was very excited to find a pumpkin.



Jacob buys his pumpkin to take home.