Learning Knife Skills & Cooking With Chicago Cutlery

I had always seen chefs using knives in the kitchen and wondered how they didn’t cut their fingers off while chopping food at such a quick pace. When I had the chance to attend an event with Chicago Cutlery and … Continue reading

Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat {Review}

My boys have each gone through a couple car seats in their lives. The main reason we needed to buy new ones was because they outgrew their previous ones. When I heard there was a car seat that went from 4 pounds to 70 pounds I wanted to learn more. Maxi-Cosi sent me their Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat to try out with my three year old.

When I first took the car seat out of the box I looked it over. I liked how it wasn’t too wide which is great for families with multiple kids in the backseat. With this car seat and Jake’s there is enough room for someone to fit in the middle seat which wasn’t possible when Luke’s first car seat was there.

I liked that the car seat had an insert for babies. Since Lucas is 3 years old we didn’t need that so we had to remove it. In terms of difficulty this was probably the most complicated car seat we have owned. It took two of us about half an hour to figure out how to remove the tiny fit insert. I think this wouldn’t have been a problem if *someone* didn’t throw out the instructions w/ the box! Once we figured out how to remove this we had no problem figuring out how to use it and it was really easy to install in the car.

Lucas in his new Maxi-Cosi car seat

Lucas likes his new car seat. It gives him more leg room than his previous one did so he doesn’t feel squished. He also likes that it hugs his body. I like that the Pria 70 has safety features like side impact protection and also features a FlexTech™ system for multi-directional energy management if we ever were in an accident. I also like that it reclines which is nice if we are traveling during naptime. It even has an easy to adjust shoulder harness that can be moved with one hand so you don’t have to completely remove the car seat from the car which is a perk for any parent.

Lucas loves it!

Learn more about the Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat {including where to purchase one} on their website.

Check back tonight for an infant car seat giveaway! :)

(Disclosure: I received a car seat from Maxi-Cosi to review but all thoughts are my own.)

Palmolive Fresh Sponge Dish Liquid Review

Never before did I think that I would be excited to share a product that cleans dishes but you all have to try this product! Palmolive Fresh Sponge Concentrated Dish Liquid is amazing! When I got it in the mail with a sponge I shuddered because I hate using sponges. They are fine at first but after a week or so they start to smell and then when you use it your hand smells and that is just disgusting. Apparently someone else thought so as well because Palmolive came out with a dish soap that not only cleans dishes but freshens your sponge at the same time!

After using this product for a few weeks I can tell you that it works amazingly well. It cleans dishes as expected but also makes my sponge smell fresh and fruity and nothing like a used sponge normally smells like after it’s been used on dirty dishes. I would recommend this product to anyone who likes the convenience of washing their dishes with sponges but doesn’t like the odor that goes along with them.

(Disclosure: I received Palmolive dish soap and a sponge to try this product out but all thoughts are my own.)