Summer Bucket List

Check out all the fun our family has been having this summer!

The ones we have done are marked blue.

I will be uploading pictures from as many of the experiences as I can  :)

Outdoor Fun:

1) Have a picnic lunch

2) Plant flowers

3) Host a backyard playdate

4) Make smores

5) Get ice cream from the ice cream truck

6) Make a mud pie

7) Paint with colored ice cubes

8) Play in the sprinkler

9) Make a nature collage

10) Blow bubbles

11) Host a family party

12) Build a sandcastle

13) Play in the rain

14) Go on a nature scavenger hunt

15) Go fishing

16) Paint with water

17) Wash the family car together

18) Draw with chalk on the sidewalk

19) Paint rocks

20) Play soccer in the backyard

21) Read books outside in the shade of a tree

22) Fly a kite

23) Have a water balloon fight

24) Freeze toys in a block of ice and then try to get them out

25) Teach the boys how to ride their tricycles

26) Catch fireflies

27) Slide on a slip n’ slide

28) Decorate t-shirts

29) Go for a wagon ride

30) Roll down a hill

31) Pick flowers and make a bouquet

32) Play catch in the backyard

Indoor Fun:

33) Make homemade pizza

34) Have a pajama day

35) Make a musical instrument

36) Compete to see who can build the tallest block tower

37) Have a sleepover

38) Board game day

39) Bake cookies together

40) Play playdough

41) Make {and eat} “dirt cups”

42) Read through a children’s Bible together

43) Make a fort

44) Cook dinner together

45) Dance to songs from a children’s CD

46) Dress up in costumes

47) Have a family movie night with popcorn

48) Pretend to be in a marching band

49) Make homemade popsicles

50) Play “I Spy”

51) Make a fruit salad

52) Fingerpaint in the bathtub

53) Make {and play} a memory game

54) Serve lunch in an ice cube tray

55) Make a craft for every letter of the alphabet

56) Make a suncatcher

On The Go:

57) Go somewhere fun for Jake’s birthday

58) Go somewhere fun for Luke’s birthday

59) Go to an amusement park

60) Visit a children’s museum

61) Walk around a children’s garden

62) Play in a splash pad

63) Go to a carnival

64) Attend an outdoor concert

65) Go to the aquarium

66) Eat at a train themed restaurant

67) Go to the Indiana Dunes

68) Walk along the lakefront

69) Go to Starved Rock

70) Visit a waterpark

71) Go to a farmer’s market

72) Go see a movie at the theater

73) Visit daddy at work

74) Go to the Museum of Science and Industry

75) Take GiGi to lunch

76) Go to Navy Pier

77) Visit a pet store and buy a fish

78) Go to a children’s concert

79) Eat at a restaurant and sit on the patio

80) Take a train ride

81) Go garage-saling

82) Feed ducks

83) Go berry picking

84) Watch a fireworks show

85) Go on a picnic

86) Go for a family walk

87) Go swimming

88) Go to Chuck-E-Cheese

89) Attend a workshop at Home Depot or Lowe’s

90) Go on a nature walk

91) Try out 5 different playgrounds in town (went to 1)

92) Listen to stories at library storytime

93) Go to a parade

94) Go bowling

95) Go to a children’s farm

96) Go downtown Chicago

97) Attend a Vacation Bible School

98) Play mini-golf

99) Do the summer reading challenge at the library (signed up)

100) Take a 2 day vacation somewhere within driving distance

101) Jump in a bounce house

102) Go out for ice cream

103) Swim lessons

104) Go to Day Out With Thomas


3 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. I love the idea of your Bucket List. Sounds like y’all have been having a lot of fun.
    Thank goodness that the summer isn’t over yet and you still have time to add some
    more fun things to it. Good luck with it.

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