World Food Day: The GROW Method For Families

“One in seven people goes to bed hungry every night. Not because there isn’t enough food, but because of deep imbalances in access to resources like fertile land and water. The power to control these resources sits neither with the billion-plus farmers who produce food, nor with the billions of consumers who eat it. Instead, companies and governments control the global food system—and they often determine who eats and who doesn’t.”

Today is World Food Day and Oxfam’s GROW campaign is rolling out five easy ways for people who care about hunger to help. Trying any of these principles, and encouraging your friends and family to as well, could make a real impact and help address the problem of millions of people that still don’t have enough food on their plates.

GROW method

You can learn more about the GROW method in their slideshow. It’s absolutely fascinating to me that I can have an impact on hunger by taking some simple steps like the ones above. What will you do to raise awareness for this cause today? I’d love if you’d share this post or the GROW method slideshow with your friends! For those who like to enter my giveaways I will give one extra entry in any giveaway here on my blog if you leave a comment below telling me what you will commit to doing to make an impact on hunger. Let’s make an impact together <3


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