Family Fun With The Avengers

Do you see Jacob and Sinisa in the above picture with the characters from Marvel’s The Avengers? How cool is that?! While we didn’t actually meet any of the above characters we posed with them at Walmart using a smartphone application that uses Augmented Reality (AR) called Super Hero AR. What Augmented Reality does, for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, is combine the “real” world with a computer generated world. So we stood by a display of DVDs, scanned the spot on the display, and then these characters from The Avengers popped up on my smartphone and Sinisa and Jacob could fit in the empty space so it’s like they were there with the characters.

Think that’s fun? We used this app to have an adventure all throughout our local Walmart while we were shopping! We found this map that helped show us where to look for The Avengers signs that had “trigger points”:

We wanted to do the quiz that would tell us what Avenger we were, so we had to look for signs and use our smartphones to access the questions of the quiz. We started in the Halloween section.

It took us a few tries to figure out how to scan the sign and get the question to come up but when we finally did we realized how easy it was. (The trick seems to be holding the smartphone a couple feet away from the poster and not to hold it on an angle when scanning it.)

After the Halloween section we headed to the boys favorite section, the toys. This is somewhere we have to go every time we go to Walmart. The boys like to “look with their eyes” as Jacob says. We also found a bunch of The Avengers character masks and other toys in the section.

After nine questions, the Super Hero app told Sinisa what Avenger he was. He was told to take a picture of himself and then after he pressed a button he found out that he would be Iron Man if he was an Avenger.

The next thing that we needed to get was the movie. Walmart has a special The Avengers Blu-Ray/ DVD/ Graphic Novel Combo Pack for $24.95. We found multiple copies of the movie in the entertainment section of the store and then a The Avengers pallet display as well.

We had worked up quite an appetite so we headed to the grocery section. I had looked online and noticed that there were going to be specially marked MarketSide pizzas. As soon as we neared the deli section I saw a huge The Avengers display.

Next, we had to decide which kind of pizza we wanted. Everyone in my house likes something different. I like sausage, Sinisa likes supreme, and the boys like cheese. They were out of sausage pizza in the Avengers boxes so we settled on cheese.

And we all know that no night is complete without cupcakes! When the boys found The Avengers themed cupcakes I added them to the cart. We headed to the checkout and were surprised to find very short lines which is rare for the Walmart we shop at. {See more pictures of our shopping trip in my Google+ story} We headed home to enjoy the rest of our family night.

Once home we put in the pizza and checked out our Avengers movie pack we had bought. I had never seen the movie I thought the graphic novel was interesting and it gave me an idea of what was to come when we watched the movie.

Once the pizza was done we all enjoyed it together. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like it because I’m kind of picky about my pizza but I found that it was pretty delicious. I’ll definitely be trying it again. The kids liked it, too.

After pizza it was cupcakes and then bathtime and bedtime for the kiddos and date night for mommy and daddy to watch The Avengers movie. Sinisa had been very excited for the release of The Avengers. Overall, we had a great time celebrating the store release of the Avengers movie together.


Some stores are having special Avengers Character Appearances in select Walmart stores tomorrow, September 29, 2012. You can call your local Walmart to see if they are participating.


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