Debate Of The Week: Gender Specific Toys, Yay or Nay?

Each Week Danielle from Happenings of the Harper Household and Danielle from We Don’t Have It All host this meme and I figured I would join in this week.

The debate this week is: Gender Specific Toys: Yay or Nay?

My answer: nay

I’m really somewhere in the middle but if I had to pick one I’d say “nay”. I think that children should be able to play with any toys that interest them. I have two boys, currently ages 3 and 4. When they were toddlers they had blocks and cars and they had dolls and a kitchen set in their play area. They played with them all.

Does this mean that when I go to the stores I head to the aisles with the princesses and dolls? No. I am just open to buying my boys toys that some would consider “girls” toys. Most of the time, especially nowadays, my boys want to head to the cars and the trains aisles. Those are their preferred toys. Jacob even says that certain aisles in the store are “for girls”. Without me even saying anything and specifying gender he has decided which toys he likes and they are generally the toys “for boys”.

Lucas holding his doll before surgery to get his tonsils out.

Do they still have some toys that aren’t typically “for boys”? Yes. We went shopping for my niece and Lucas, my 3 year old, wanted a doll so I bought it. We went to a garage sale and found a huge dollhouse for $10. I bought it, knowing how much they love the small one they have. Do they enjoy playing with the kitchen set still? You betcha!

When it comes down to it, I think that children should be able to play with any toys they want, regardless of what toys are typically accepted for their gender. What do you think about this subject? Yay or nay?


5 thoughts on “Debate Of The Week: Gender Specific Toys, Yay or Nay?

  1. My son CJ has that exact same doll! Every night he falls asleep in the exact same manner as Lucas! My son is all boy, and he loves his doll. He is just very gentle. The easiest way to get him to go to bed at night is for me to lay his baby doll down and tell him to rub her back til she falls asleep. :) Works like a charm.

    I agree with letting kids play with what they want. One day CJ was talking to his grandfather on the phone and kept telling him he was holding “baby” his doll. His grandfather was like “Well I’ll teach him to play ball.” I explained that CJ plays ball, that doesn’t change the also likes to take care of baby. S

  2. my sweet children {jack, 5 & abigail, 3} both dress up as pirates and sometimes both as fairies. they love to color with purple, pinks, blues & greens. i love seeing them getting a tea party together for their stuffed animals and eager to see what they will do when they grow up someday!

  3. My husband had a doll when he was young. He loved it and cared for it, and my MIL got ridiculed for it. Now that we are married, my husband is gentle and sensitive, yet very masculine as well. He enjoys sports, running, and cutting the grass – BUT he is AMAZING with our daughter. He loves her and cares for here just like he nurtured that doll when he was young. Related? I think so.

  4. I think children should be allowed to play with whatever toys they want to play with. I have noticed its more acceptable for a girl to play with trucks than it is for a boy to play with dolls. I dont think playing with a certain toy is going to make a child more masculine or feminine. Thats just silly to me.

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