Saving America’s Mustangs

I think my love of horses was passed down to me from my {step}mom. She is the one who first introduced me to horses when I was a young child and nurtured my love of them. When I was in second grade we moved to a new house in the suburbs of Chicago and our house was right down the street from a horse stable, the same horse stable that one of my mom’s friends just happened to board her horse at. I was so excited when I found out that this horse stable was within walking distance of my home. I lived in this home until I left for college so through the years I would spend afternoons walking over to the stable, carrot in hand, to visit Rusty. He was a beautiful horse and I enjoyed getting away from the busyness of school and activities.

When I was in my last year of high school my parents talked about moving and one of the things on my mom’s wishlist was a horse stable. Though I was headed off to college and likely not going to be living in their new home I always hoped that they would have a stable and a pool that I could enjoy when I came home to visit. My mom never ended up getting that house with the horse stable she dreamed of, but her life long best friend, who I grew up calling my Aunt, had one and my mom loved visiting the horses. She passed away in 2009 but I recently found some old photos of her and you could just see how happy she was around them. My sister still heads out to Missouri every summer and stays down there with my Aunt and cousins. She just got back a couple days ago and I wanted to share some pictures of my Aunt’s horses:




Can you see why I love these animals??

I recently learned about a foundation called Saving America’s Mustangs and immediately knew that I wanted to do anything I could to support it. I found out that over 100 yrs ago 2 million wild horses roamed free in the US. and today only about 30,000 remain!

About Saving America’s Mustangs: Wild horses are a living symbol of our American heritage and freedom. These Mustangs must be protected. Businesswoman and philanthropist, Madeleine Pickens, is committed to this promise. Through her Foundation, citizens from all walks of life are uniting to create a permanent home, a Sanctuary, to save these magnificent national treasures.

image courtesy of Saving America’s Mustangs

So why do I support Saving America’s Mustangs? Because every time I drive past horses in a field I think of my childhood and I think of my mom and the time we spent together riding horses at girl scout camps. I think about my children and how I want them to learn about horses and have the opportunity to spend time with them like I did when I was younger. I think about future generations who may not have these beautiful animals and it saddens me.

The good thing is that we can do something to preserve wild horses. I will be sharing all about how you can personally help this cause in the next couple weeks. We also have a Pinterest party this month {from August 10th through August 24th} to raise awareness for Saving America’s Mustangs. Not only can you pin for a cause but you will have the chance to win one of two $200 gift cards. Follow the hashtag #SaveAmericasMustangs for updates!

Connect with Saving America’s Mustangs:

(Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Saving America’s Mustangs.  #CBias #SocialFabric #SaveAmericasMustangs)


4 thoughts on “Saving America’s Mustangs

  1. You need to take your boys to visit your aunt’s horses Alicia. They will love them as much as you do and it will be so bonding for all of you. This organization is doing wonderful things. Glad you are there to support and promote them!

  2. Growing up with a love of horses, I can see why you’d hope to have a new home with a stable. I always wanted that. We even had a corral one time in a house we bought…never had a horse to go with it though. Thanks for sharing about Saving America’s Mustangs!

  3. Beautiful pictures and story! Thanks for making it easy for your readers to connect with SAM any way they would like to. Thank you for being a big part of this campaign and getting people to connect with this cause!

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