Disney Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas

The boys had a blast at their Disney Cars themed birthday party. Below are some of the Cars decorations, treats, and fun themed activities we did:

Indoor Fun: Car mat w/ cars


Jacob colored a Lightning McQueen cutout and then we had smaller cars as well to decorate the living room


The cake table was setup with balloons, some cars cutouts, and the goodie bags


Dessert #1: Rice Krispie Treat Stoplights- I had planned to dip the rice krispie treats in chocolate before putting the m&m’s on them but we were short on time.


Dessert #2: Cars cake


The boys LOVED this huge Cars mural. It was over 5 feet tall. I got it from Party City and plan on finding a permanent home for it in the boys room.


I found this trophy and thought it would be perfect for the party. I told them it was the Piston Cup, just like the Cars try to win in the movie. They are still carrying it around days later :)


The kids enjoyed doing a Cars sand art project. It was really messy so I was happy that I’d chosen to do it outside!


All of the children had fun breaking apart the pinata. I liked this one because all they had to do was pull strings for it to open. The ones that need to be broken open with a bat are not so easy for my young kids to do.


I bought Mater party hats but we found them hard to put together. The kids didn’t like them because the hats covered their eyes. This was the one party item I bought that I wish I wouldn’t have.


At the end of the party the kids got Cars themed goodie buckets overflowing with Cars themed fun.

Overall it was a great party! :)


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