Menu Plan {May 14th-20th}

Last week was so busy that we didn’t make anything on our menu plan but breakfast for dinner. Our week mostly consisted of eating out, which I’m embarrassed to say, but it was the only way that we were going to get any food. The week was just that crazy busy. I did get to go out to breakfast one day with my Mom and one day with my Grandma though so that was a nice treat.

Monday: Homemade Pizza Rolls from Tidy Mom

Tuesday: Chicken & Spinach Enchiladas from $5 Dinners

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Steak fajitas with mango salsa

Friday: Pasta with shrimp

Saturday: Chicken & veggie kabobs

Sunday: Leftovers


2 thoughts on “Menu Plan {May 14th-20th}

  1. As long as everyone is fed, it’s all good. :) Your menu looks really good, the kinds of foods we enjoy. I’ve not tried the mango salsa with beef, we usually have it with pork or fish, might just have to make some up next time and try it with our fajitas. :) Kabobs also sound wonderful, haven’t made any in ages, I think they may just go on next weeks menu- that’s what I love about seeing everyone’s menus- so many good ideas I haven’t thought of.

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