Firetruck Themed Birthday Party

My boys’ birthdays are in June. It’s February and I am just now sharing pictures of the great firetruck themed birthday party we had to celebrate Luke’s 2nd and Jake’s 3rd birthdays. What can I say? I’ve been busy. lol. Enjoy these pictures that show the fun of the day :)

Jacob before the party. He was really excited to see everything that had been set up while he napped. He is wearing his “big brother” firetruck shirt and Lucas had a matching one that said “little brother”.


The cake table


The cake (made by Renee of Caketastic)


Appetizers- “fire” colored fruits and veggies


The little firefighters loved playing in the water


For a craft they decorated firetrucks


There was a basket of firefighter themed books to read and a basket with a firefighter costume if they wanted to pretend they were a firefighter


Firetruck vehicles and firefighters were available for the kids to play with


I got this board (from Oriental Trading) for the kids to get their pictures taken


This firefighter themed Brio set kept the kids busy (and Grandpa too)


I got a firetruck bubble blower and some games for outdoor fun


Time to blow out the candles!


The boys thought the cake was delicious!

To eat we grilled HOT dogs and enjoyed WATERmelon to keep with the “fire” theme. We also had a firetruck pinata and other firetruck themed decorations. For party favors we gave each child a firefighter hat and a bag of treats and firetruck themed items.

It was a great party and everyone had a lot of fun! :)


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