Throw A Birthday Party For Jesus {10 Ideas}

This year for Christmas we will be staying home. The children will be getting Christmas gifts but we will also be celebrating Jesus’ birthday. I wanted to share 10 ideas for throwing a birthday party for Jesus:

1) Along with “Happy Birthday Jesus” you can sing Christmas Carols like “Joy To The World” and “Away In A Manger”

2) Bake Him a birthday cake (find a cake recipe with symbolism here)

3) Have your children make a birthday card for Jesus

4) No birthday party is complete without gifts. Look through a gift catalog, like World Vision’s, that gives gifts to those in need and choose a gift to give.

5) Have everyone wear birthday “cone” hats (find a printable here)

6) Make birthday party decorations by creating paper chains with all the names of Jesus on them

{click to be taken to Spell Outloud blog for directions on making this paper chain}

7) Make a CHRISTmas craft (I have ideas here)

8) Bake cookies together and package them to give to friends.

9) Read about Jesus’ birth to focus on the reason you are celebrating.

10) Invite friends. If you do it on a day other than Christmas you can make it a true birthday party by inviting your friends to celebrate with you.


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2 thoughts on “Throw A Birthday Party For Jesus {10 Ideas}

  1. Found your blog through OhAmanda am I’m so glad I did. I absolutely LOVE this! I’m a children’s director at my church and will definitely be trying out some of these ideas! Thanks so much!!

  2. Since Christmas 2006, when my daughter was 16 and a half months old, we have had a birthday cake and a party for Jesus on Christmas afternoon. We don’t have any other desserts on that day, thus saving room for the birthday cake. I never thought of giving to World Vision as a gift in honor of Jesus’s birthday. I did have her do one of those shoeboxes full of gifts for a little girl her age this year. I love your ideas listed here!

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