Learning About Sensory Processing Disorder {Saturday Stumbles}

October is Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness Month so before the month is over I wanted to share a few resources for people to learn more about Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Even if your child doesn’t have sensory issues you might know someone who does and will probably come into contact with at least one person who does so I thought these resources and stories would be great to share:

*What is SPD???? The Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation has a quick overview here.

*I get asked often about my children’s behavior. It’s hard because I am still learning what actions are behavior related and what actions are sensory related. It’s hard to tell because they are similar. This post explains it.

*That child you *think* is throwing a tantrum in the store may just be having a meltdown because they are on sensory overload. Read this before you head out shopping this Holiday season. This story of adults laughing at a child is heartbreaking…. Don’t Laugh At Me

*Are you a friend to a mother of a child with SPD? Want to know what you can do? Find out in this post.

*I love the poem at the end of this post about embracing SPD.

*Learn about SPD through this parody of If You Give A Pig A Pancake- If You Give A SPD Kid A Pancake

*Did you know there are EIGHT senses? Find out what they are here.

Find out more about SPD from the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation


If you have written anything you’d like to share please add it to the comments below! :)


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