The 5 Minute Car Cleanup

On a typical day I spend a lot of time in my car and often leave stuff behind when I get out because I’m holding a child, a purse, a bag, and opening doors while trying not to trip on my three year old who is walking right in front of me. While driving today I realized there was an easy way to keep my car clean in between all of the running around that I do. Three times a week I sit in my car while waiting to drop my son off and pick him up from school. While you may not have this exact scenario, I bet you have a similar “wait” time in your car. Maybe you get to a meeting early. Maybe you get to the store before it opens. Maybe you have time while waiting for your child to get out of their sporting practice. Here’s a quick way to keep your car looking semi-decent.

At the beginning of each week put a trash bag and a foldable tote bag under your front seat. When you get a moment to clean your car just gather all the trash into the trash bag and all of the miscellaneous items that go in the house into the tote bag. When you get home the trash bag goes in the garbage can and the items in the tote bag get put in the rooms that they belong in. While your car won’t be completely spotless it will look a lot better than it did before (and I’m learning that “good enough” is the new perfect!)

Here’s what was in my car:

Trash: empty sobe bottle, napkins in the side of the door, fast food bag from lunch, open packages from trains that were opened in the car

Tote: duster that got left behind when the groceries were taken out, book from Sunday School, Jake’s backpack, two socks, a pair of pants, two pairs of shoes, and three coats

Hope this helps make things easier for you! What do you do to keep your car picked up?


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