Heelys Review

I often saw kids skating down sidewalks, in stores, and at the park and always wondered how Heelys worked. Well, guess what? I now know because I reviewed them myself! When I saw Heelys was looking for moms to review their skate shoes I laughed. I couldn’t imagine myself skating around while I pushed my kids in their stroller. My curiosity got the best of me in the end and I got a pair for review.

I liked that the shoes looked like regular skate shoes and reminded me of the shoes I wore in high school. Though I tried to skate in them I think I would rather use them without wheels as I go about my day. I did like that the wheels came out easily with the tool that is provided with the shoes since I just assumed the wheels were always out and the person wearing them just needed to find a way to walk with the wheels attached. I also liked that the Heelys website has directions and videos to learn the tricks (though I didn’t attempt to do any of them as I couldn’t skate that well!)

I can see why they are popular with kids because they are fun and have great designs. Here are some of my favorite pairs for kids:

(Disclosure: I received a pair of Heelys from Business2Blogger but all thoughts are my own.)


One thought on “Heelys Review

  1. So after trying them would you let your kids have them? I personally never liked them and wouldnt dream of letting my son have them (when he’s older), I think mainly because I thought the wheels always stayed out and it would ruin his posture and the way he walked. Plus it is annoying when kids used them at inappropriate times… I might have to try them out just too see…

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