Top Ten Tuesday: Easter Morning

I’m about a week late with my Easter update since Snapfish wouldn’t let me access my account for days but I wanted to share the pictures anyways. The boys were really excited about their “baskets” this year. Most items in them were found on clearance and not much candy was in them (my boys are sweet enough).

The "baskets" (which we will be planting flowers in this week)


Jacob on the steps looking at the baskets but he was told he couldn't come downstairs until Lucas and Daddy came.


Lucas being silly


Jacob was really excited about this Toy Story art kit


These books with a play mat and character pieces were a hit


Jacob got a Cars book and Lucas got a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book


Lucas trying to get the linking bunnies out of the egg.


I love how Jacob organized all his "goodies" on the table. lol. He's totally like his mom! :)


This one is a hard little boy to capture sitting still! Most shots of him are blurry cause he is constantly on the go!


You could see in his face how excited he was.

This post is linked up to Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday.


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