I Am A Celeb!

Oh, did you not hear?

I have a very glamorous life…

I attend photo shoots multiple times a week!

(I’m normally behind the camera but I’m still there!)

I go on shopping sprees!

(I can buy a lot with my $20 bill at the local resale store.)

I am adored by men everywhere!

(Ok, so maybe just 3. But they are all very handsome!)

I go on fabulous vacations to places like Paris, Tahiti, and England!

(And then I wake up.)

I attend exclusive parties!

(Lots of times there is even cake.)

I get massages almost daily!

(Then I ask my son to please get his elbow out of my back.)

I enjoy breakfast in bed!

(On Mother’s Day. Oh, and maybe my birthday. If I’m lucky.)


As you can see I am a HUGE celebrity.

I’m used to getting pampered and adored and spending all of my time around fabulous people.

And if that’s not enough of a reason as to why I should win the Type A Celeb contest



Cause every celeb has gotta start somewhere right?


(Disclosure: This post has entered me into a Type A Celeb contest. I am one of 28 women who are competing to win a super fantastic prize pack including a ticket to the Type A Parent contest and a chance to hang out with Kadi Prescott. Not to mention it would give me a chance to mingle with other bloggers and learn from some fabulous speakers.)



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